New regional office in Malaysia.

Continuing with the company’s expansion plan for this year 2010, JSC Ingenium opens a local office in Malaysia, which will meet the emerging demand of the new markets in the Southeast Asia region.

Because of the mobile telephony market maturity and the MVNO market development, Malaysia is one of the countries with the greatest growth potential in the MVNO sector.

Its mentality, European affinity, the professional use of the English language and its geographic situation make Malaysia a strategic area to approach new markets such as Indonesia and Thailand.

With presence in Europe and America – Mexico-, the opening to the Asian market means an important step in global expansion and reinforces its position as “core network” supplier in the international Telco market.

71, Jalan SS 22/19
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)
T. +603 7728 8711


LleidaNet entrust to JSC Ingenium with the implementation of a SS7 interconnection infrastructure.

LleidaNet ordered to JSC Ingenium the implementation of a SMS Gateway to allow the sending of short messages towards other Operators through SS7 protocols.
The SS7 interconnection infrastructure, completely developed by JSC, is characterized by easier translation of the internal protocols - SMPP- to the interconnection type used by the Mobile Networks Operators. It allows obtaining more competitive conditions from the Network Operators when making SMS massive sending and, on the other hand, directly consulting the Operators’ HLR, in order to optimize the messages sending policies: where a certain subscriber is, if the mobile phone is in use or not, and when it becomes connected. In addition, it allows knowing if the subscriber has cancelled the subscription so unnecessary sending can be avoid with the consequent costs saving.
The service is going to be rendered by IOS (Ingenium Outsourcing Services), the Grupo Ingenium Tecnología outsourcing company to which JSC Ingenium belongs.

Lleida.net is the first Short and Multimedia messaging operator in Spain. Its SMSC is interconnected with all national and international operators both MVNO’s and MNO’s covering more than 200 countries all around the world. They are specialized in value added services on SMS such as the certified SMS or SMS deal.


MVNO Networking Congress 2010

JSC Ingenium will attend as an exhibitor to the MVNO Networking Congress in Barcelona the next 24 and 25th of November to present its supply of Telecommunication solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators in all the modalities: MVNA, MVNE and MVNOs.

The MVNO Networking Congress gathers to Virtual and Network Operators, investors, brands, and technological and business suppliers to review the new business plan, segmentation and partnership strategies, as well as the new enabler/agregator strategies that are being implanted in new markets as the Middle East or Latin America.

In words of Sergio Cano, JSC Ingenium CEO: “We think that it is a can’t-miss event that will allow us to share experiences in emergent markets with the main market players, as well as to position us as a recognized international supplier in Core Network for MVNO/E/As”.

More information: http://www.iir-telecoms.com/event/mvno


JSC Ingenium will participate in the MVNO Industry Summmit 2010 exhibition in Barcelona

JSC Ingenium will participate as a sponsor and speaker in one of the more distinguished events than are organized in Europe in the MVNO market, which will take place in the city of Barcelona (Spain) the 11 th and 12th of May.

According to their organizers, the MVNO Industry Summit expects to become the event of reference in the Mobile Telephony sector where the main international actors of the sector will meet, show their news and trends, and will analyze the main success cases, with their peculiarities, in their respective countries.

Julio Castro, director international business development within JSC Ingenium, will be presenting “Why a full-MVNO model can make your business case”, sharing a particular and analytical view of the financial and differentiating realities for MVNOs that follow the “full” MVNO business model.

More information: www.mvnoindustrysummit.com


JSC Ingenium Mexico will attend the Expo Convention Canitec 2010

Antonio Mendoza, the JSC Ingenium México Country Manager, will give a workshop about MVNOs in the next Expo Convention Canitec 2010 directed to Cable Operators, that will be carried out in the city of Monterrey NL on 28th, 29th and 30th April at the International Business Center facilities(Cintermex).

The workshop is specially designed to approach, in a customized and practical way, the business opportunities and the benefits involved for the Cable Operators becoming Virtual Mobile Operator, regarding loyalty and holding its current customer base.

More information: www.canitec.org/expo/2010


JSC Ingenium moves its offices to the Ingenium Technology Group head offices

JSC has moved to the Ingenium Technology Group head offices in Condesa de Venadito street, located in Madrid in the center of Arturo Soria business area.

The change of office is due to its growth forecast and the new incorporations for the end of 2010, so it expects to duplicate the staff group it had at the beginning of the year, just as to the Group strategy of optimization of the central services to all its companies in a same location.

Taking advantage of the change, JSC released its new website in order to reinforce his positioning in the Mobile Telephony sector as a reference Core Network supplier at international level for MVNO/A/E, which include, among others, the development of Services and Network Elements such as HLR, IN, STP, Voice Mail, Prepay, SMSC, USSD Gateway, Top-up server.

New offices:
JSC Ingenium
Condesa de Venadito 1
28027 Madrid
Tel.: 902 095 045 | +34 91 703 0454
Fax: 902 095 046 | +34 91 703 0453


JSC Ingenium signs an agreement with Fonyou for the deployment of a Core Network as full MVNO in Europe

JSC will be responsible for the deployment of FonYou Telecom Core Network as a full MVNO and integrating all their existing developments of Intelligent Network in a native IMS core.

Furthermore, JSC will be charge of the Network consultancy for the optimization of the systems, interconnections and routing, contributing with all its Core Network knowledge and expertise.

FonYou, the Mobile Telephony Online Creator, operates as MVNO in Spain since 2008 offering a totally innovative and revolutionary conccept that allows the users to control and configure their mobile telephony services from the web.

More information: www.fonyou.com


JSC Ingenium will be present at the B3 Forum - Broadband for Business Forum -

Showing its commitment to the MVNO market in Latin America, Antonio Mendoza, Country Manager of JSC Ingenium Mexico, will attend as guest speaker at the B3 Forum event in Mexico City from 23 to 25 February 2010.

Under the title “Mobile Virtual Network Operators, a business opportunity”, Antonio will review the various models of present MVNOs as well as their entry strategies and key success factors to compete and add value in a mature market with high penetration.

«B3 Forum powered by EXPO COMM is the most complete and important communications industry event in Mexico and Latin America, putting leading providers of ICT technologies, systems, products, and services in touch with the broadest market of companies that demand ICT solutions for enhancing the competitiveness of their business and operations».

For more information: www.b3forum.com.mx

JSC Ingenium is the division of Grupo Ingenium Tecnologia specialized in the development and implementation of elements for Mobile Networks. JSC Ingenium provides all the elements required for MVNOs, and, together with its partners, all elements of management and thus providing complete solutions. These elements have been developed by JSC Ingenium on its common platform Application Server.

In 2009 JSC Ingenium opened its office in Mexico to offer services throughout Latin America.


JSC Ingenium, the second Core network provider for Full MVNOS in Spain

JSC Ingenium has closed a contract in December to deliver the full core network for a new Full MVNO in Spain. JSC Ingenium was chosen for "their high technical skills, demostrated experience in the MVNO space and their easy-to-do-business-with approach, which will allow us to focus on our business targets" as expressed by the CEO of the MVNO.

With this new contract JSC Ingenium turns into the second Core Network provider for full MVNOs in Spain after Ericsson.

All the Core Network elements to unfold by JSC are based on own technology developed in house, which includes HLR, SMSC, USSD GW, IN and Prepay. For this new Operator JSC will deploy technology based on mixed SS7 and IP architectures, allowing in a effective way, the introduction of convergent technology in the MVNOs sector .

More information to be published during the Mobile World Congress in February.

Mario Mendiguren - CMO