BT España places its trust in JSC Ingenium technology to migrate its mobile service

BT España has reached an agreement with Ingenium Outsourcing Services to migrate its mobile telephony service to the new IOS infrastructure on the Orange network, to be able to offer its customers 4G.

The British operator, which has been operating as an MVNO in Spain since 2008, has chosen infrastructure by IOS, a subsidiary of the Ingenium Technology Group, which operates using JSC Ingenium’s MVNA technology, to operate on its mobile services platform. This change also involves changing the radio network, from the current Vodafone network to Orange Spain.

Being able to offer a 4G service was the main reason behind this change. IOS has a complete 3G/4G infrastructure - CORE + BSS - which is robust and proven, which will enable BT España to offer its corporate customer base a 4G service from the beginning, and have the most comprehensive range of telco services for business on the market.

The MVNA technology from IOS will also enable BT España to have a higher level of flexibility when developing new, more innovative and attractive services, while facilitating their integration with other IT services, as well as a higher level of customization, which will allow BT to give more value to its customers' business.

BT España
BT España is an innovative global partner that provides communications services and information technologies for companies and public institutions. It has a range of solutions to meet all ICT business needs: Network and IT services, Unified Communications, Contact Center, Security and Professional Services, and also has one of the world's most advanced telecommunications networks.
It employs more than 19,900 people, and provides a service in 170 countries, which means that it can operate globally, while delivering locally to large multinational corporations.

For further information:      www.jscingenium.com



Todo listo para dar comienzo a la 4ª edición del Andean Telco Forum

Fiel a su cita con los Operadores Móviles en la región de Latam, JSC Ingenium participa los días 14 y 15 de junio, por cuarto año consecutivo, en esta nueva edición del Andean Telco Forum. En esta ocasión es Bogotá la ciudad anfitriona.

JSC participa como expositor y ponente. Sergio Cano, CEO de JSC Ingenium, será el encargado de presentar, hoy martes a las 4 pm -hora local-, la ponencia “TaaS -Telco as a Service” en la que presentará cual ha sido la tendencia en la elección de infraestructura Telco en estos últimos años por parte de los operadores, y como la nueva oferta TaaS de JSC ofrece una alternativa para los MVNOs permitiéndoles poder operar un servicio completo como si fueran un Operador Full bajo un modelo de pago por uso, con la máxima flexibilidad e independencia, pero sin la necesidad de tener que asumir las cuantiosas inversiones iniciales en infraestructura.

Con motivo de esta nueva edición del Andean Telco Forum JSC Ingenium hará público el lanzamiento oficial de la Plataforma IOS Colombia -filial de Grupo Ingenium-  para el mes de agosto de este año. IOS Colombia operará sobre la tecnología MVNA de JSC Ingenium.  Kiero Móvil será la primera marca en empezar a ofrecer servicios de telefonía móvil sobre la Plataforma de IOS y la red de radio de Movistar Colombia.

Más información:  www.jscingenium.com


JSC Ingenium participa en el MVNO LATAM SUMMIT 2016 en México

JSC acude un año más a su cita con el mercado Latinoamericano, en esta ocasión será México el anfitrión de la nueva edición del MVNO Latam Summit. JSC participará, los días 17 y 18 de mayo, como expositor y ponente, presentando su nueva oferta para operadores móviles TaaS, Telco as a Service.

Según Sergio Cano, CEO de JSC Ingenium: “nuestra nueva oferta TaaS responde a la demanda, cada vez más creciente, por parte de los operadores móviles de disponer en todo momento de un mayor nivel de flexibilidad e independencia, respecto a los modelos de despliegues tradicionales, con la ventaja añadida de poder contar con una infraestructura de red completa ya desplegada, para empezar a operar rápidamente cualquier servicio convergente, sin tener que  hacer frente a las elevadas inversiones que implica un despliegue de red de estas características”.

Por su parte, Sergio Cano presentará el martes 17 a las 12:40 horas la ponencia “Tendencias en el despliegue de infraestructura Telco”, en la que analizará cuáles han sido las razones que han motivado estos últimos años la elección de un tipo u otro de despliegue de infraestructura de red y cuál está siendo la tendencia hacia un modelo completamente escalable bajo el modelo de pago por uso.

Para más información: www.jscingenium.com


JSC presents its new services offer at the MVNO World Congress 2016

JSC Ingenium travels to Amsterdam at the yearly appointment with Mobile Operators all over the world, for sharing the latest news and take the pulse of the sector worldwide.

JSC Ingenium will attend the congress as exhibitor, and also will participate with a speaking slot on April 14th, at 11:30 a.m. In the conference JSC will share with the audience the new concept TaaS –Telco as a Service- .

JSC Ingenium invites you to discover its new services offer and celebrate its 20th anniversary in the MVNO World Congress, held on Amsterdam from 11th to 15th of April, at the "NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky".

More information: www.jscingenium.com



JSC Ingenium: 20 years leading the innovation

2016 will be a very special year for JSC, a year to celebrate not only 20 years of innovation, but also the latest professional success: more than 60 MVNOs operating worldwide guarantee a strong background in the mobile telephony sector and a clear customer focus by providing unique and differentiated solutions.

But not everything has been easy. It was a long way, 20 years of hard work, continuous improvements, falls and comebacks.  20 years focused on its customers, always striving to achieve professional excellence. 20 years innovating to offer always the latest technology, facing big challenges, taking care of the details and giving solutions. 20 years to become a global reference. 

JSC begins 2016 with renewed illusion, with a firm commitment to continue investing in its professional team, the main asset and the key to success in getting so far, and continue looking at the future.

2016 will be a very intensive year for JSC, with presence in the main events and trade fairs of the MVNOs sector worldwide, and the tour will culminate with the celebration in June of the second edition of Ingenium Mobile, the great event for the mobile operators in Spain that came to light in 2015 and brought together 42 operators to share experiences and discuss about the future.

The first meeting point this year is the Mobile World Congress, from February 22nd to 25th, where JSC Ingenium participates as exhibitor and will present its newest offer Telco as a service

JSC Ingenium invites you to discover its new services offer and celebrate its 20th anniversary in the Mobile world Congress.


MASMOVIL entrusts JSC Ingenium with the integration of Xtra Telecom in its charging system.

MASMOVIL integrates Xtra Telecom in its charging system in order to gradually unify systems and optimise the charging of any services towards subscribers within the
MASMOVIL Group brands

Xtra Telecom will change its current charging system for JSC Ingenium's charging system OCS (Online Charging System), deployed and operational for MASMOVIL since January 2014.

The new charging system will be integrated directly into the Xtra Telecom BSS system, using the OCS provision interface. The new system will allow real-time charging of all services that Xtra offers to subscribers in 3G and also now 4G, thanks to the integration which JSC has carried out in parallel with Orange's LTE systems in Spain.

The main advantages of JSC Ingenium's new OCS charging mechanism are first, it’s high level of flexibility, so that it can quickly define price plans and promotional campaigns within hours, and second, the improvement in quality management in communications services.

JSC Ingenium has also deployed the new release of its OFCS offline charging system for MASMOVIL, which enables the possibility to charge the Xtra Telecom fixed telephony services, unifying the charging operation of its range of convergent services.

Xtra Telecom
A telecommunications operator specialising in services for companies and freelancers: Fixed telephony, VoIP, IP switchboards, IP telephony, contact centers, virtual switchboards and call center. In July 2014, MASMOVIL bought Xtra Telecom from the British group The Phone House to add its portfolio of services to the MASMOVIL convergent range.