The MASMOVIL Group entrusts JSC Ingenium with the integration of its Telco systems - Core and BSS-

MASMOVIL will have a Full MVNO platform

The Group's operational flexibility and ability to provide services will increase

After the creation of the MASMOVIL Group in 2014, it launched the operational integration of its Core and BSS Telco infrastructures, in order to exploit the synergies between the two areas, optimize resources, gain operational flexibility and prepare for the imminent inception of 4G, and above all and most importantly, to enhance its commercial range.

The group has been operating as an MVNO Service Provider since 2008, using its MASMOVIL brand on the Orange network with JSC's OCS -Online Charging System-. Since 2012, it has also had a Full MVNO platform in JSC Ingenium's CORE R3 technology which was developed for another operator in the group, Ibercom, and which provides services for telecommunications companies.

JSC Ingenium will be responsible for carrying out the staggered integration process. First, the current infrastructure will be completed to ensure that a dedicated and scalable platform is ready. The next step planned is MASMOVIL's integration into the Full MVNO platform, which will take place at the same time as the integration of the various BSS systems. 

This comprehensive integration will enable MASMOVIL to operate as a Full MVNO, increase its operational flexibility and independence during its operations, and design new, innovative and attractive services and bring them to market. 

In addition it will allow MASMOVIL to optimize both the existing resources such as investment in infrastructure and CORE BSS.

This process will also include the incorporation of 4G into the Full MVNO. As a result, the MASMOVIL Group is enhancing its commercial range and will begin to offer its subscribers combined 3G/4G services for both residential and business clients.

The leading independent operator in Spain and the 4th largest Spanish telecom operator with a comprehensive range of voice and data for private clients, companies and operators. It has been operating as an MVNO since 2008, focusing on savings and good quality service. 

                                                               For further information: www.grupomasmovil.com