JSC Ingenium successfully launches its Ingenium Academy master's training programme

JSC is committed to employee training and launches its own internal training programme.

Ingenium Academy is a training plan designed entirely in house by and for the employees of JSC. The main goals of the programme are: to share knowledge, both technically and on a business level, about the Telco sector in general and the company's own projects in particular, which have been outstanding in terms of their complexity and level of innovation, and to lay the foundations so that the company's employees can acquire a higher level of expertise regardless of their profile and the position they hold.

During the presentation of the programme a few weeks ago, Sergio Cano, CEO of JSC Ingenium, said: "Our commitment to internal training is one of the most distinctive features of our corporate identity. We are convinced that our team is our biggest asset and that the success of our company depends to a large extent on having the best people, and being able to hold on to them, adding value and providing them with all the necessary tools to enable them to continue to grow professionally".

The ultimate goal behind the programme, according to Sergio, is to "seek professional excellence, for which we need to build a team with outstanding human and professional qualities that will enable us on the one hand to be competitive and continue to lead the way in the sector due to innovation, and on the other, to be able to offer our clients professional and meticulous care, and meet the highest standards in that respect."

The programme is expected to last a little over a year and a half. It is divided into theoretical and practical sessions lasting about one hour, which are recorded on video and posted on the JSC e-learning platform so that they can subsequently be consulted by any employee, at any time and from anywhere. The practical sessions have been designed primarily for employees who because of the nature of their work come into direct contact with clients, in order for them to acquire the assurance and skill needed to identify and resolve any incidents that may arise as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Ingenium Academy is designed to be a dynamic framework that will grow to meet emerging topics: new technologies, new tools (for operation and maintenance), new R & D projects, changes and new demands in the sector, new regulations, etc. in order to always provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date training on both the company and its various business lines, and on the industry as a whole. 

                                                                    More information: www.jscingenium.com


JSC Ingenium reaches agreement on the deployment of its CSFB Advanced technology with WIMAX Online

JSC Ingenium has reached an agreement with WIMAX Online for the deployment of its CSFB Advanced technology, for integration as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator with its own 4G access.

WIMAX Online is a telecommunications operator licensed by the Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission. It has its own 4G radio network, through which it provides broadband Internet services at a regional level in Eastern Spain using LTE technology, reaching rural areas that have very limited or no Internet coverage.

JSC Ingenium, using the MVNA infrastructure and technology of IOS - Ingenium Outsourcing Services- a subsidiary company of the Ingenium Group, which operates in Spain as a MVNA Platform, provides everything needed to operate as a full MVNO.

The aim is to integrate the two technologies so that WIMAX Online can provide mobile access to 4G through its radio infrastructure, and to use IOS Spain MVNA infrastructure to provide traditional services. To that end, JSC Ingenium has deployed an LTE laboratory based on the infrastructure that WIMAX is currently using (antennas, eNodeB, etc.) and JSC Ingenium's technology (MME, HSS and PDN GW) to create a complete LTE Core for testing its CSFB Advanced technology.

This solution also provides an additional advantage as it means that WIMAX Online does not have to integrate with the Host Operator.

As a result, and for the first time in Spain, a new type of service is being rolled out, which companies with an allocated radio spectrum can use to provide their customers with a better service, without recurring access costs, while being able to provide the full range of communications services that today's subscribers require.

JSC Ingenium's CSFB Advanced technology is the result of the "MAP IWF Advanced CSFB/SRVCC.  New procedures for managing calls and messages on 4G and 3G networks”. R+D project carried out by the company, funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Operational Programme of the Autonomous Region of Madrid 2007-2013.

                                                For further information: www.wimaxonline.es


JSC Ingenium begins its spring tour between Latin America and Spain

JSC Ingenium is packing the luggage again for three new events in a month, before starting the 2015 second half: Bogota - Madrid – Mexico

Colombia will host the new edition of the Andean Telco Forum this year. JSC Ingenium will participate as exhibitor and speaker. Sergio Cano, JSC CEO, will talk about “The Importance of the CORE in value competition”.  Colombia turns out to be the country in Latam with greatest growth potential, and the country with better end user response to the new MVNO proposals.

                                                                                                May 27th-28th. Bogota – Colombia
                                                                                                AR Convention Center

 ANDEAN Telco Forum 2015

                                                              More information: http://www.informagroup.com.br/andean/es

INGENIUM Mobile 2015: “The future of MVNO, convergence and 4G”
JSC Ingenium will be in charge of the 1st event in Spain for Mobile Operators exclusively. 52 companies, Network and Virtual Operators, will convene to take the pulse to the sector, share success stories and analyze the Mobile Operator convergence and 4G challenges.
                                                                                                June 11th. Madrid – Spain
                                                                                                NH Ventas Hotel.

                                                            More information: www.ingenium.mobile2015.com

MVNO Industry Summit LATAM 2015
Another year JSC Ingenium attends the Latam MVNO event. JSC will be exhibitor and speaker and will show all the new offerings for MVNO. In this occasion, JSC will take advantage of the summit to officially launch the new MVNA/E platform deployments in the Latam region and share the new opportunities that are open to the companies considering offering MVNO services.
                                                                                                June 16th-17th. Mexico City
                                                                                                Marquis Reforma Hotel & Spa

 MVNO Industry Summit LATAM 2015

                                                                     More information: http://latam.mvnoindustrysummit.com/


JSC Ingenium will be present at the MVNOs World Congress 2015 as an exhibitor

JSC Ingenium travels to Nice at the yearly appointment with Mobile Operators all over the world, for sharing the latest news and take the pulse of the sector worldwide.

We are glad to invite you to know, first hand, our service portfolio for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, from 21st  to 23rd  April 2015, Nice Acropolis, Nice, France. Stand #17

  • MVNO Tecnology: Full 3G/4G Core + BSS
  • 3G/4G MVNE/A Technology
  • M2M Platform
  • LTE Full Core
  • Policy & Charging Control: FIREWATCH
  • IWF -Interworking Function-: Migration and coexistence technology

      Managed Services                            Multi-country & Multi-tenant technology
            Network Operations Center                Net Tool Suite   

Please, feel free to ask for a face to face meeting and give us the chance to show you, in detail, our range of products and solutions, email : comercialjsc@jscingenium.com


The MASMOVIL Group entrusts JSC Ingenium with the integration of its Telco systems - Core and BSS-

MASMOVIL will have a Full MVNO platform

The Group's operational flexibility and ability to provide services will increase

After the creation of the MASMOVIL Group in 2014, it launched the operational integration of its Core and BSS Telco infrastructures, in order to exploit the synergies between the two areas, optimize resources, gain operational flexibility and prepare for the imminent inception of 4G, and above all and most importantly, to enhance its commercial range.

The group has been operating as an MVNO Service Provider since 2008, using its MASMOVIL brand on the Orange network with JSC's OCS -Online Charging System-. Since 2012, it has also had a Full MVNO platform in JSC Ingenium's CORE R3 technology which was developed for another operator in the group, Ibercom, and which provides services for telecommunications companies.

JSC Ingenium will be responsible for carrying out the staggered integration process. First, the current infrastructure will be completed to ensure that a dedicated and scalable platform is ready. The next step planned is MASMOVIL's integration into the Full MVNO platform, which will take place at the same time as the integration of the various BSS systems. 

This comprehensive integration will enable MASMOVIL to operate as a Full MVNO, increase its operational flexibility and independence during its operations, and design new, innovative and attractive services and bring them to market. 

In addition it will allow MASMOVIL to optimize both the existing resources such as investment in infrastructure and CORE BSS.

This process will also include the incorporation of 4G into the Full MVNO. As a result, the MASMOVIL Group is enhancing its commercial range and will begin to offer its subscribers combined 3G/4G services for both residential and business clients.

The leading independent operator in Spain and the 4th largest Spanish telecom operator with a comprehensive range of voice and data for private clients, companies and operators. It has been operating as an MVNO since 2008, focusing on savings and good quality service. 

                                                               For further information: www.grupomasmovil.com


Farewell 2014, welcome 2015

A new year is always a moment to recapitulate what has been happening in your company, and how your plans 12 months ago have (or maybe have not) become true.

Looking at my team today, I can only say WELL DONE GUYS!!!

Well done because the turnover of the company has grown above 50% for the second consecutive year.

Well done because we’ve been able to build three new full MVNO platforms (including a geo-redundant big-sized dual-host platform for more than one million subs, with LTE as the final topping)

Well done because so many MVNOs have chosen Ingenium as the strategic partner to launch their business in 2014, reaching above 50.

Well done because we’ve been able to build and operate several MVNE platforms around the world, with – literally – thousands of price plans, bundles, campaigns...

Well done because we’ve been able to make our technology evolve continuously with new elements and features.

Well done, specially, because we’ve been able to make our customers grow and innovate.

It’s been a really good job. I feel really proud of being part of Ingenium.

An exciting 2015 just started, and we are here to perform even better!

Sergio Cano
JSC Ingenium -CEO-