JSC Ingenium at the MVNOs USA 2013

JSC Ingenium travels this week to the U.S. to attend, a further year, the MVNOs USA 2013. The most important industry event in the American continent, which will be held on 21st and 22nd November, in Dallas, Texas.

JSC Ingenium closes a really intense year marked mainly by the commercial launch of its M2M Platform for Mobile Operators, and the deployment of its Full 4G LTE Network.

Antonio Mendoza-Latam Regional Manager-and Alejandro Gaspar-Customer Solutions, both will be responsible for presenting the latest news from the company for Mobile Operators, among which include its Full MVNE/A/O platform – Full Core + OSS + BSS platform-, and LTE as last mile access, TD-LTE and FD-LTE as the best option for those operators who do not want to invest in infrastructure.

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NAKA Mobile requests to JSC Ingenium to deploy its Network STP (Signaling Transfer Point)

JSC Ingenium´s STP technology will enable Naka Mobile to provide Multi-IMSI services in any country and in any kind of network: CDMA, 2G, 3G and 4G.

This technology is mainly characterized by its versatility, which allows to process signaling in ITU and ANSI formats, to translate between these two formats, and to broadcast the messages to multiple destinations. Its flexibility makes it simple to create network configurations that fit perfectly to very heterogeneous network scenarios.

Its other major advantage is its cost efficiency for entry level solutions and its high scalability. JSC Ingenium has deployed two STP modules. Servers and applications used have been dimensioned as required by Naka Mobile, from an entry level of 500.000 users to 4.5 million subscribers.

About Naka Mobile.
NAKA is a global mobile telecommunication and technology company based in Switzerland. NAKA runs a proprietary operating system and owns a complete network infrastructure for switching, routing, signalling messaging and VoIP integration. The highly experienced management of NAKA defined and developed a visionary high-tech communication solution suitable for MNOs, MVNOs and Distribution Partners around the globe. Seamless Multi-IMSI technology combined with fully integrated VoIP applications allow Voice, VoIP, Short- and Instant Messaging as well as international Data Services at lowest cost not only for international travelling subscribers but also for telecommunication companies how intend to enlarge their product portfolio with an almost unique and if requested, tailor-made, high-quality Multi-IMSI communication service.

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JSC Ingenium deploys its LTE technology in Spain

In accordance to JSC Ingenium strategy to consolidate as a worldwide reference provider in the Core Network Infrastructure, JSC Ingenium deploys, for the very first time in Spain for commercial purposes, its complete 4G network core.

LTE technology enables Operators to offer all the advantages of new generation technologies to their end customers, dramatically improving user experience with bandwidths up to ten times faster and new services with higher quality –high definition streaming, data transfer…-. Users can also enjoy multiple concurrent connections, with different qualities of service.

In this LTE network deployment, JSC Ingenium set up the following elements: HSS, MME, PDN-GW and  S-GW, providing a full set of interfaces –CRM, DPI and PCRF- for access and expense control. Some of the deployed elements exhibit synergies with the 3G network technology. It is the case for HLR/HSS and GGSN/PDN-GW. These nodes can be deployed and used, at the same time, in 3G and 4G, not needing any additional equipment.

JSC Ingenium LTE architecture is specially oriented to be extremely flexible in the deployment. It can be used in private environments as well as in Cloud modalities.

It is also capable of providing service to multiple companies in a single deployment, ensuring total isolation of both information and functionalities at any time. These companies can even use their own radio or Internet resources, or use shared resources.

Another remarkable feature is the scalability to carry out deployments fitting companies’ needs and their subscribers’; JSC Ingenium LTE network can be deployed from a very low entry of 50k subscribers to millions.

JSC Ingenium LTE technology has been designed to operate not only in mobile LTE, but also in other environments such as picocells, femtocells, Internet broadband access in rural areas (TD-LTE)…

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Are the Mobile Operators prepared to handle the growing demand of M2M services?

JSC Ingenium invites you to watch "M2M: THE CHALLENGE"

M2M sector has emerged as a clear business opportunity for Mobile Operators. Integrators and device manufacturers are investing heavily to develop the sector, demanding new increasingly complex services which are trying Operators' supply and response capability. The CHALLENGE has been set and it calls for an inmediate response.


JSC Ingenium launches its Mobile Operator M2M platform

As a clear bet towards the Machine to Machine sector, JSC Ingenium launches its Mobile Operator M2M Platform. This complete and flexible solution will enable Mobile Operators to satisfy the worldwide growing demand of new telecommunication and business services. This demand, which comes from integrators, device manufacturers and application providers, has become increasingly complex and specialized.

JSC Ingenium M2M technology has been designed and developed fully in-house, leveraging the in-depth knowledge that JSC Ingenium has on the Mobile Operator networks and the proven experience in deploying and operating M2M services in verticals such as security, e-health, vending or elevators. This combination allows Operators to offer a cost-competitive solution and therefore fulfill both their local customer needs as well as their international Multi-Country strategies.

The most relevant property of this technology is the security, in the Operator network –integration and new service deployment-, and in integrators and manufacturers. This ensures voice, data and SMS communication at any time by the use of secure VPN between them and the field devices. Communications are 100% safe against technical incidents, fraud and indiscriminate attacks.

The use of “Vertical connectors” makes it possible for the platform to provide services to different verticals. And within each one of them, it is possible to integrate in a quick and agile way, Integrators and Manufacturers, with their own particular needs. Each one receives totally independent attention. On top of this, the service can be operated autonomously by each customer, and at the same time the operator retains visibility and control over all the network events.

From the Operator perspective, JSC Ingenium M2M Platform is a solution open to any access technology, be 2G/3G/4G or Wi-Fi, and to any IT system provider that may be an usual provider. This makes the Mobile Operator integration terribly easy.

M2M Experience: In January 2013, ALAI Telecom, a subsidiary in the Grupo Ingenium, launches ALAI Secure, a solution for Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC). ALAI Secure is fully developed using JSC Ingenium technology, combining Voice and SMS Intelligent Network with GSM M2M.

                                                More information:             www.alaisecure.com


JSC Ingenium performs technology deployment in South Korea through an agreement with the company Tricomtek

JSC Ingenium is deploying technology in South Korea to allow Tricomtek, a leading platform and mobile system provider of this country, to offer their customers messaging services between different generation networks.

This technology display will allow users to enjoy messaging services 3G and 4G technologies, regardless of the Network Operator and/or the subscribers.

This is the first deployment of JSC Ingenium in the Southeast Asian region, a place with a very competitive market, where the first 4G LTE/IMS commercial networks are already beginning to operate. In addition, South Korea is a country where coexistence solutions between 3G and 4G networks are gaining more and more prominence. These ones enable operators to monetize their investment in 3G technology, offering new 4G services to subscribers and ensuring a consistent user experience in the movement from one network to another (different generation networks). This network migration is the key to make the switch from TDM and All-IP technologies step by step, trying to guarantee the success of 4G services.


JSC Ingenium will participate in ANDEAN Telco Forum 2013 in Colombia

JSC Ingenium will be attending the ANDEAN Telco Forum 2013, which will be held in Colombia on May 8-9.

In this edition, JSC Ingenium will take part as an exhibitor and as a speaker, with the participation of Luis Cabrero, Sales Vice President Worldwide, at the conference "Markets, Services and Networks: the Point of View of the Operators", on May 8 at 11:15.

The company will also introduce its news such as FIREWATCH -its Policy & Charging 3G and 4G solutions-, Full 3G/4G MVNE Core Network and LTE CloudCore.

For more information visit: Andean Telco Forum


JSC Ingenium will participate in the MVNOs World Congress 2013

For the third year in a row, JSC Ingenium will attend the MVNOs World Congress to be held, on this occasion, from 22th to 24th April in Rome.

In addition to its Full MVNE 3G/4G Core Network technology and its suite of migration solutions, NGN 3G-4G Service Enablers, JSC Ingenium will present for the first time the GGSN PDN Gateway. This network node has been designed for a quick integration on 3G and 4G networks, it is highly competitive for small deployments and easily scalable to Carrier Class deployments.

JSC Ingenium will attend as exhibitor and speaker, thanks to Julio Castro, JSC Ingenium International Business Development, who will join the "Analysing the Role of WiFi in the MVNO Business" roundtable.


Juan Luis García new JSC Ingenium Chief Operating Officer

Juan Luis García Torrent has been appointed as JSC Ingenium Chief Operating Officer (COO). He holds a Master of Telecommunications Engineering by the Carlos III University of Madrid and has developed his professional career in the Telco industry from the beginning, having worked for companies such as KPN or Novatia Soluciones Tecnológicas.

In his current Operations leader role at JSC Ingenium, Juan Luis manages and coordinates all the company national and international projects. He has also been leading the first implementation of the just released JSC Ingenium GGSN PDN Gateway, the first gateway fully developed in-house by a Spanish company.


JSC Ingenium will attend the Policy Control & Data Pricing 2013 in Berlin

Luis Cabrero, JSC Ingenium Vice President Sales Worldwide, will join the “Policy Control for Cooperation with OTTs” roundtable.

JSC Ingenium will attend the Policy Control & Data Pricing 2013, to be hold in Berlin next April 16th and 17 th, both as exhibitor and speaker.

This year JSC Ingenium will show FIREWATCH, its 3G/4G Policy & Charging solution: a powerful real-time Charging and Policy Control tool that allows the design and configuration of the best Offer for the client, with complete autonomy and in the shortest time possible.

Data management and monetization have become key for Mobile Operators with the introduction of 4G/LTE technologies. Quoting Luis Cabrero, JSC Ingenium VP Sales WW: “FIREWATCH is the perfect solution for those Operators interested in developing new revenue streams by operating policy and quality management”.

This event is the starting point for JSC Ingenium Spring Tour 2013. In less than a month, the company will be present in the main worldwide industry events: Berlin, Rome, Colombia and Las Vegas.

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MVNOs, opening doors in Colombia

JSC Ingenium organizes the conference "MVNOs, opening doors in Colombia", which will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, next March 12th, 2013.

This conference will bring together Telco / MVNO industry experts who will analyze the sector internationally and locally, its main opportunities and strategies, as well as to continue the discussion on how to meet new challenges that will arise in the future in the mobile world. Also, other topics will be addressed as, per example, new models of MNVOs and their trend towards MNVA Platforms, or the future of these in front of the multiplicity of 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi access’.

According to Sergio Cano, JSC Ingenium CEO, this meeting "will be a very special day in order to exchange experiences as well as knowledge sharing, which will enable us to ascertain the pulse of the industry and to get an idea of ​​the next challenges that will certainly be faced in the forthcoming years."

"For JSC Ingenium, it is very important to strengthen our company's presence in specific markets with a high potential of growth, such as Latin America, in which we are currently having frequent partnerships with local operators," said Antonio Mendoza, JSC Ingenium Regional Manager Latam.

                                      Event program: www.jscingenium.com


JSC Ingenium will attend the Mobile World Congress 2013 at the Spanish Pavilion -Congress Square-

JSC Ingenium is pleased to announce its presence as an exhibitor at the Mobile World Congress 2013, which will take place in Barcelona from February 25th until 28th at the Spanish Pavilion, Congress Square (between Halls 4 and 5).

JSC Ingenium will unveil the following innovations:

o Full 3G/4G MVNE Core Network.
o Migration and coexistence of 3G & 4G network  platforms –IWF Interworking  
o Policy and Charging Control -Integral customer offer management, including charging 
   and Quality of Service policies. PCRF, OCS & OFCS-.
o LTE CloudCore –Modular LTE Core with hosted /cloud deployment capabilities-.

                                                    More information: www.mobileworldcongress.com