New regional office in Malaysia.

Continuing with the company’s expansion plan for this year 2010, JSC Ingenium opens a local office in Malaysia, which will meet the emerging demand of the new markets in the Southeast Asia region.

Because of the mobile telephony market maturity and the MVNO market development, Malaysia is one of the countries with the greatest growth potential in the MVNO sector.

Its mentality, European affinity, the professional use of the English language and its geographic situation make Malaysia a strategic area to approach new markets such as Indonesia and Thailand.

With presence in Europe and America – Mexico-, the opening to the Asian market means an important step in global expansion and reinforces its position as “core network” supplier in the international Telco market.

71, Jalan SS 22/19
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)
T. +603 7728 8711


LleidaNet entrust to JSC Ingenium with the implementation of a SS7 interconnection infrastructure.

LleidaNet ordered to JSC Ingenium the implementation of a SMS Gateway to allow the sending of short messages towards other Operators through SS7 protocols.
The SS7 interconnection infrastructure, completely developed by JSC, is characterized by easier translation of the internal protocols - SMPP- to the interconnection type used by the Mobile Networks Operators. It allows obtaining more competitive conditions from the Network Operators when making SMS massive sending and, on the other hand, directly consulting the Operators’ HLR, in order to optimize the messages sending policies: where a certain subscriber is, if the mobile phone is in use or not, and when it becomes connected. In addition, it allows knowing if the subscriber has cancelled the subscription so unnecessary sending can be avoid with the consequent costs saving.
The service is going to be rendered by IOS (Ingenium Outsourcing Services), the Grupo Ingenium Tecnología outsourcing company to which JSC Ingenium belongs.

Lleida.net is the first Short and Multimedia messaging operator in Spain. Its SMSC is interconnected with all national and international operators both MVNO’s and MNO’s covering more than 200 countries all around the world. They are specialized in value added services on SMS such as the certified SMS or SMS deal.