Fullmóvil, the most regarded Mobile Operator by the users in Costa Rica.

The survey carried out by SUTEL, Costa Rica’s Telecommunications Regulator, recognizes Fullmóvil as the most valuable Mobile Operator for the users.

Every year, SUTEL carries out a survey to review the Mobile Operators users’ experience. In the 5000 telephone surveys, 1000 users of each Operator, the respondents were asked about:

·         Personal attention
·         Customer Care by phone
·         Service delivery
·         Failure repair
·         Service Operation

Fullmóvil has been the winner in the 2014 final survey results, ahead of all the mobile operators in Costa Rica: Telefónica-Movistar, ICE-Kobi, Claro and Tuyo Móvil (MVNO).


Fullmóvil is an MVNO in Costa Rica using ICE’s -Costa Rican Electricity Institute- network and offering prepaid Mobile Telephony and Internet services. Its network has more than 50.000 top up points of sales. In February 2014, Fullmóvil was acquired by RACSA -Radiográfica Costarricense-, ICE’s subsidiary.

started to offer services as MVNO in 2011 (first FULL MVNO -with own HLR- in Latam area) using both JSC Ingenium’s CORE R3 technology and BSS system.

                                                                                More information: www.fullmóvil.cr


JSC Ingenium deploys its Multi-country SMSC for RCS and RDS

RCS & RDS, Romanian network operator, awards its multi-country SMSC network node deployment to JSC Ingenium.

RCS & RDS target is to renew its current messaging technology with a new solution that makes it possible for them to deploy new equipment in a centralized manner, in Romania, and to deliver services, with no additional distributed deployments, to its subsidiaries in Spain and Italy -where there is currently a Full MVNO structure-. 
JSC Ingenium multi-country SMSC technology will allow RCS & RDS to offer the messaging service in a centralized manner to all of its subscribers, regardless of the brand and network they are using -Spain and Italy-, taking advantage of an improved short message traffic management and control system, as well as important cost savings (devices to deploy, O&M…)

It also has additional unique functionalities, designed to provide an unprecedented user experience, including the Multi-country MSISDN / IMSI translation, bringing advantages for the operator and the customer. For the operator, because it allows the optimization of the SMS management delivering the message to the IMSI corresponding to the country where the subscriber is registered. For the end customer, because it brings a significant cost saving, as an international messaging service can be used at the cost of a local service.

Other meaningful functionality is Home Routing. The Operator can control centrally the delivery of all the messages. Optimal routing can be computed at any time using a fully customizable retries system.

Both companies have been working together since 2009, when JSC Ingenium, consulted DIGI mobil in the implementation of the DUAL IMSI - DUAL MSISDN service in Spain, whereby the subscribers have a Romanian and a Spanish number in a single SIM and can call other subscribers at the cost of a local call, no matter where they are.

 -Romania Cable Systems & Romania Data Systems-

RCS & RDS is one of the main telecommunication groups in Europe. It has over 20 years’ experience, over 10,000,000 RGU´s, and is present in five countries (Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic). It offers digital and cable TV, Internet and mobile and wire line telephony (prepaid and postpaid).
RCS & RDS operates in Spain under the DIGI Mobil brand, offering mobile telephony services (Full MVNO) using Movistar network.

                More information:     www.rcs-rds.ro                      www.digimobil.es


Ingenium Outsourcing Services nominated for Best MVNA

IOS has been short listed for the Best MVNA category in the MVNO Industry Awards 2014. The awards will be granted on Wednesday, April 9th, in Berlin, as part of the MVNO World Congress, organized by Informa Telecoms & Media.  IOS is a reference with great growth potential, due to its commitment to flexibility –both in the infrastructure and business areas-, its comprehensive mobile service offer and the deployment of over ten brands in less than a year. This is reinforced by the immediate launch of three new brands in Q2.

Among the brands that are operated in IOS platform we can name some such as Ibercom, Aire Networks, PTV Telecom or Alai Secure. This last brand is operating itself another twenty brands, offering M2M services in security, vending, e-health, elevators and energy efficiency sectors.

IOS is a subsidiary of Grupo Ingenium and operates in Spain since 2012 as a service platform for Mobile Virtual Operators, using JSC Ingenium MVNA technology, over the Orange network.



JSC Ingenium will be present in the MVNO World Congress 2014 in Berlin

JSC Ingenium will participate in the MVNO World Congress 2014, this time in Berlin, to both share its latest news and take the pulse of the sector internationally. After an intense 2013, highly marked by the commercial implementation of its LTE Network Infrastructure –for the very first time in Spain-, and the launch of the M2M Platform, JSC Ingenium starts the year with new deployments in countries such as Switzerland, Russia, South Korea and Italy, and the signature of two important contracts (confidential) in Spain. This makes JSC Ingenium the biggest MVNO network infrastructure provider in Spain.

Taking advantage of MVNO World Congress 2014, JSC will share the experience in the deployment of IOS -Ingenium Outsourcing Services-, a Grupo Ingenium subsidiary, that operates in Spain as a complete MVNE platform -OSS+BSS- on the Orange network. It is ready to operate in 4G at the time the Host enables it. During 2013, 11 mobile telephony brands were put in service, a record in such a short time, and even more if we consider that each brand has its own business model and casuistry, with different price plans, rating packs, promotions, etc.

We are glad to invite you to know, first hand, our service portfolio for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, from 8 to 10 April 2014, in Stand No. 20, Maritim Proarte Hotel, Berlin, Germany.

More information: www.jscingenium.com


Colo Colo Football Club launches its own mobile virtual operator in Chile

Colo Colo, a football club in the Chilean First Division (top–tier), launches Colo Colo Móvil, its own Mobile Virtual Operator that will offer prepaid mobile telephony services -voice, data and SMS- to their supporters.

It is the first reference in Latin America of a football club launching a mobile operator, taking advantage of the community effect on its supporters base. In addition, Colo Colo offers them special promotions and exclusive and updated contents about their preferred club.

Colo Colo Móvil operates on the Netline mobile platform –leveraged by JSC Ingenium MVNA technology-, using Movistar’s network in Chile.

For more information:    www.colocolomovil.cl


  • JSC Ingenium deploys its  billing and business support elements for MÁSMÓVIL
  • Supporting the MÁSMÓVIL strategy for increasing its infrastructure to offer more innovative services to its clients

JSC Ingenium deploys its OCS module–part of PCC solution, FIREWATCH- in MÁSMÓVIL, and acts as prime contractor to Glintt BSS integration. 

The main advantages the JSC Ingenium OCS module brings, compared to the previous prepaid system, the increased flexibility for quick price plans creation and promotional campaigns definition and, on the other hand, improvement in communication service quality management. This is a priority for MÁSMÓVIL and states its commitment to offer an excellent service to its subscribers.

The MÁSMóvil’s prepaid and business system update responds to its strategy of having the most up-to-date infrastructure in Spain and complementing it with new infrastructure that allows more innovative services implementation to its clients.

JSC technology makes it possible for MÁSMÓVIL to offer its final clients the ability to configure online their own price plans at their will and easily, adapting them to their consumption patterns in order to get the most suitable price at any time. 

In addition, MÁSMÓVIL and JSC Ingenium have signed an Operation and Maintenance contract: JSC’s NOC –Network Operations Center- will monitor, support and operate the JSC systems deployed in MÁSMÓVIL.

MÁSMÓVIL is the company for those users interested in invoice optimization without giving up the best service for talking and surfing and adding common sense to the mobile telephony.
Customer commitment is based on facts, with no tricks or ties, fighting always for transparency. MÁSMÓVIL offers the best prices so clients only pay for what they need. MÁSMÓVIL encourages its clients to use free 2.0 web applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Apptones or Viber and the use of unlocked mobile devices.
Independent surveys regarding MÁSMÓVIL customer satisfaction show that more than 90% would recommend the company. 

                                       More information:     www.masmovil.es


The year starts for IOS with 11 new mobile telephony brands operating on its platform

IOS -Ingenium Outsourcing Services- publishes the list of brands offering mobile telephony services using IOS platform, breaking a year of silence due to confidentiality agreements.

Residential and enterprise, super-niche, quadruple-play, machine to machine, Multi IMSI, VoIP, communities and social networks services… The portfolio of services operated on IOS platform provides coverage to a huge number of different business opportunities in the mobile telephony space. Targeting first half of 2014, IOS is currently working in the launch of three new mobile telephony brands.

JSC Ingenium MVNA technology made it possible for IOS to have the most comprehensive and flexible Mobile Service Platform in the market. IOS can then respond to the new brands’ requirements in a cost effective and scalable manner, starting from low entry levels. Platform also makes it possible to grow and evolve in the future, and offer LTE services to all the brands, as soon as hosts open the technology.

Quote Pablo Jorquera, Ingenium Outsourcing Services Operations Director: “2013 has been a truly intense year. We launched 11 new mobile telephony brands, one per month in average, each one having its own business model and its own specific requirements for services. This has been possible thanks to the flexibility of our technology, allowing us to launch and operate completely independent and customized, all these brands in a fast and controlled manner.”

More information:     www.ingeniumoutsourcing.com


JSC Ingenium will attend the Mobile World Congress 2014 at the Spanish Pavilion -Congress Square-

JSC Ingenium is pleased to announce its presence as an exhibitor at the Mobile World 
Congress 2014, to be held in Barcelona from 24th to 27th February, in the Spanish Pavilion
-Congress Square-.

Among the most recent news, JSC Ingenium is proud to present:

  • IOS –Ingenium Outsourcing Services- platform launches 11 new mobile brands in 2013, on JSC Ingenium’s MVNA technology-.
  • Alai Secure, first Machine-to-Machine operator, deployed on JSC Ingenium’s M2M platform.
  • JSC Ingenium deploys, for the first time in Spain and in commercial phase, for WIMAX Online, its complete 4G LTE core network techcnology


    More information: www.mobileworldcongress.com