JSC Ingenium will attend to the Dialogic Carrier Day 2011

Luis Miguel Cabrero, Worldwide Sales Vice President of JSC Ingenium, will give the lecture "Mobile Virtual Network Enabler 3G and its evolution to IMS / LTE", which will showcase the JSC Ingenium views regarding the possibility of evolving current technologies to 4G technologies, assuring the coexistence between 3G and 4G technologies and thus protecting the Operators technological investments.
This event, organized by Callware Voice Technologies and Dialogic, will be held on November 17th at Puerta de America Hotel and plans to become a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and the most important challenges that the telecommunications market is currently facing.

More information: http://www.callware-vt.es/seminario-dialogic-carrier-day-2011


JSC Ingenium strengthens its commercial structure with the incorporation of Luis Miguel Cabrero

Luis Miguel Cabrero, Telecommunications Engineer BSC (Hons) at ETSIT and ESADE EMBA, was incorporated on October 17th to JSC Ingenium as Worldwide Sales Vice President in order to reinforce the existing commercial and internationalization strategy of the company and to develop and promote the 4G, IMS and LTE Technologies and Services division.

Luis Miguel Cabrero fulfilled duties as General Manager at Mavenir (Airwide) for Southern Europe and North Africa, as well as the management of Telefonica’s Global Account. Previously, he worked as Commercial Director at Telsis for 10 years.

More information: http://www.linkedin.com/luismiguelcabrero


JSC Ingenium congratulates fullmóvil for its recent launch

On 15th September fullmóvil, part of Virtualis Group, launched commercial operations in the Costa Rican market as the first Full MVNO in the country and the Latam area.

JSC Ingenium has been responsible for the deployment of the entire core network (through Ingenium CORE R3) as well as the business support system -BSS- as a unique and integrated solution that allows fullmóvil to operate as a Full Virtual Mobile Network Operator.

Among the main features of the technology deployed by JSC Ingenium we should point out the flexibility granted to fullmóvil, with the highest degree of freedom to develop their own price plans, promotional campaigns, etc. and total independence from the Host Operator –ICE- resulting in a better quality of service for the end user.

fullmóvil 100% Costa Rican company, part of Virtualis, Grupo Monge. It is consolidated as mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) through its contract with the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) to make use of their 2G & 3G radio network. fullmóvil brand aims the youth segment (15 to 35 years old) in this first stage, only under the prepaid model.

More information: www.fullmovil.cr

Ingenium CORE R3 is built on the basis of Ingenium Application Server that supports the functionality of all core network elements deployed: HLR, IN, Online Rating Engine, Convergent Billing System, SMSC and USSD GW. The most outstanding features are: high efficiency level, ability to integrate multiple services on a single platform, and unbeatable flexibility.

More information: www.jscingenium.com


NEO-SKY launches its new Intelligent Network

NEO-SKY has chosen JSC Ingenium for the deployment of three key services for its Intelligent Network:

  • Portability (fixed line and mobile): Where JSC Ingenium has deployed the FNR application which serves the Intelligent Network.
  • Call Screening for the management of client profiles with different characteristics.
  • Free phone, for the translation of free numbers of Intelligent Network.

They all have something in common, having been deployed under an SIP structure, within the new architecture implanted by NEO-SKY.

With these new elements, NEO-SKY finishes the deployment of its Intelligent Network which in turn implies an improvement in the quality of service for its clients.

About NEO-SKY:
NEO-SKY is the Telecommunications Operator specialized in providing Internet, Data and Telephony services to medium and large sized companies, as well as Local Access and Transport to other operators services, under its own network.
possesses its own network structure of Optical Fiber and fixed LMDS fixed wireless. Additionally, NEO-SKY provides bandwidth via VSAT satellite, through different agreements subscribed with the main satellite operators.

More information: www.neo-sky.com

JSC Ingenium
JSC is the Grupo Ingenium division specializes in the development and implementation of elements for Mobile Networks. JSC Ingenium provides all the elements of "core" required for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, as well as all elements of management and "billing", thus providing complete solutions. These elements have been developed by JSC Ingenium on its Application Server as a common platform.

More information:


JSC Ingenium in the Canitec 2011: “Quadruple play.. a reality in Mexico”

JSC Ingenium will attend the Expo Convention Canitec 2011 for the second consecutive year. Organized by the National Chamber of the Cable Communications Industry, it will take place from 25 to 27th of May
in the city of Puebla (Mexico). A must for the Mexico Cable Operators industry, year after year it takes the pulse of how the sector is and what are the most successful strategies both nationally and internationally.

Antonio Mendoza, Country Manager of JSC Ingenium Mexico will give the lecture: "Quadruple play ... a reality in Mexico" which will be focused on the business opportunities that could represent, for cable operators, the introduction of mobile telephony services to their current services portfolios, operating under the concept of Mobile Virtual Network Operators. He will also review some successful cases of Cable Operators in Europe, analyzing their results before and after entering the mobile company's respective offerings.

More information: http://www.canitec.org/expo/2011/index.php


vistream chooses JSC Ingenium´s Intelligent Network for MVNE in Italy

vistream GmbH announced that they have signed an agreement that allows vistream to launch operations as Italy’s first independent Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) on 3´s Italy UMTS network. vistream intends to offer its services to brands that like to enter the Italian market to become MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), ESPs (Enhanced Service Providers) or Air Time Resellers.

vistream already started to establish operations in Italy and plans the commercial launch on 3’s network in Autumn 2011. The company already signed MVNO agreements with companies in Italy and also plans to launch with several existing customers of vistream and its parent company Telogic that look forward to expand their existing brands and proven concepts to the Italian market.

JSC Ingenium´s IN and Real Time Rating system has been chosen to support vistream´s operations in the highly competitive Italian market. Earlier this year an agreement was reached to deploy a similar system into vistream´s German operations. “JSC Ingenium´s Real Time Rating system is a key component of our differentiating offer, giving us market-leadership in the definition and real time control of rating plans”, states Per Angman, CEO vistream.

About vistream and Telogic:

vistream launched its commercial operations in 2006 as Germanys first Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE). The company operates mobile services for brand partners from various industries. vistream’s unique enabling portfolio covers the entire mobile value chain from core network operations to end user customer care. In addition, vistream has signed an agreement to use base stations and mobile license of German network operator E-Plus. vistream operates its own core network and has an exclusive number range (01570).

Since 2009, vistream is part of the Telogic Group. Telogic is headquartered in Copenhagen and is the largest MVNE in Europe with more than 25 active MVNOs in four countries (Poland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark).


III MVNO Meeting -Brazil 2011-

JSC Ingenium will participate as Knowledge sponsor at the III MVNO Meeting in Sao Paulo -Brazil- March, 24th and 25th. The meeting will focus on the leitmotif of "How to enable MVNO business". The most remarkable cases studies of the MVNO sector at national and international level will be presented.

JSC Ingenium will sponsor the presentation given by Miguel Almeida -exCTO/COO/CIO of MÁSmovil (Spain)-, and Nuno Baião dos Santos -JSC Ingenium Country Manager for Brazil and Portugal- about the importance of the technological partner for the success of an MVNO.

According to Julio Castro, International Business Development of JSC Ingenium: "The presence at such specialized events responds to our international expansion strategy in emerging markets, and Brazil, especially, becomes one of our objectives with greatest potential growth globally and in the Latam area.

More information: http://www.dialogia.com.br/3_mvno_meeting.html


MATERNA Information & Communications chooses JSC Ingenium for IN replacement for MVNA in Germany

MATERNA Information & Communications has chosen JSC Ingenium to replace the IN that is currently being used to serve vistream operations, the largest independent MVNA in Germany. “JSC Ingenium scored especially strong in flexibility and cost-effectiveness”, states Helmut an de Meulen, CEO of MATERNA, “We are looking forward to considerably grow our customer base in 2011”.

JSC Ingenium will be deploying its Intelligent Network Solution, including the Convergent Online Rating Engine, supporting both pre- and post-pay users. As part of the project, JSC Ingenium will migrate vistream´s customer base, covering 20+ MVNOs.

MATERNA Information & Communications
MATERNA Information & Communications helps MVNOs with its flexible and ready-to-go enabling platform, available both as a Managed MVNE Service and as an MVNE Platform Solution. The company offers modular support for the whole mobile value-chain. Customers can shorten time-to-market with their MVNO services, cut technical complexity and optimize costs, allowing them to focus on core business. With MATERNA Information & Communications, MVNOs can offer a complete range of voice and data services to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers as well as M2M services.

The MATERNA group is among the leading independent service providers in Europe's information and communication technology sector.

More information: http://www.materna-communications.de/mvne/index.html


JSC Ingenium will attend MVNO Industry Summit Latam 2011 Fair

JSC Ingenium will participate as sponsor and speaker at the MVNO Industry Summit Latam 2011, the most important event in the telecommunications market for Latin America region. This event, specialized in the Mobile Operator sector, for both MNOs and MVNOs, will be held for second consecutive year, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 27th and 28th. This vast continent has become one of the emerging markets with the highest growth potential, drawing the attention of the main players in the telco sector that forecast significant growth rates according to the experience in the euro area some years ago.

Antonio Mendoza, Country Manager of JSC Ingenium Mexico, will focus his presentation on the deployment of the first Full MVNO by JSC Ingenium – with its own HLR - in the Latam region. The successful experience in new financial and business models for MVNO implementation, developed by JSC Ingenium, will be also reviewed.

The MVNO Industry Summmit Latam 2011, organized by Informa, aims to become the reference meeting point for Latin America where Mobile Operators and potential candidates, as well as investors and Core Network and BSS technology specialists can meet.

More information: http://www.mvnoindustrysummit.com/latam



First Full-MVNO in Latin America chooses JSC Ingenium to provide its core network

Madrid, Costa Rica Monday February 7th 2011 – JSC Ingenium announces that it has been selected to deploy its core network for Costa Rica and the region’s first Full MVNO.

Sergio Cano, CEO of Grupo Ingenium, stated that “We are proud to have been chosen by Virtualis to deploy the first full MVNO solution in Latin America. Their decision to choose our ‘CORE R3’ platform materializes the investment that we have made in our business development activities in the emerging MVNO markets of Latin America and South East Asia.”

Virtualis, a start-up company based in Costa Rica has entered into an agreement with JSC and GrupoICE to provide mobile services using the ICE Network.

Under the terms of the agreement JSC Ingenium will be responsible for the core network deployment, utilizing the Ingenium CORE R3 platform, integration with the ICE network as well as the implementation of the business support system (BSS) which will be used to manage customer service activities.

Costa Rica’s telecoms regulator recently decided to issue two new of Mobile Network Operator licenses to increase competition. With a mobile phone penetration under 65%,Costa Rica provides significant growth potential and we wanted to be first to market.

Ingenium CORE R3, is built based on the Ingenium Application Server. It offers a complete suite of software to handle voice, SMS and data services over a mobile network including Home Location Register (HLR), Intelligent Network (IN), SMSC, STP, USSD Gateway, SMS Router, Voice Mail, GMSC, SDP, Application server, Billing & rating management, Convergent Billing and value added services such as call back, voicemail to MMS and other services.


JSC Ingenium deploys a CAMEL-SIP interconnection gateway for fonYou.

fonYou Telecom operates in Spain as Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Full MVNO) and, furthermore, is the Mobile Online Telephony creator, an innovative solution of Mobile Telephony over SIP technology, through which the users can enjoy and customize a set of new mobile services through a web page.

JSC Ingenium has collaborated with fonYou with the deployment of its signaling gateway, which allows the integration of these services in Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as well as MVNOs. This is Cell C case, the third Mobile Network Operator in South Africa.

The solution deployed by JSC translates call & message signaling from SS7 protocols to SIP, between the Operator network and fonYou service platform, allowing the Operator to offer innovative services, with minimum cost, using the conventional Network. It is a completely original solution and opens the possibility of seamless interworking between conventional SS7 world and SIP based applications. Particularly, the following features are deployed:

- Call and routing control via SIP over traditional network
- Number translation via SIP over traditional network
- Real time traffic information for the subscriber (via web page)
- Customized call forwarding
- Customized SMS forwarding

In addition, its simple nonintrusive integration is outstading as a major benefit for the Operator, and the use of CAMEL, for interworking makes deployment easier.

About FonYou
fonYou, a global technology company based in Barcelona, provides carrier-grade Cloud Telephony Services for mobile operators. fonYou has developed a proprietary technology platform, the OMT-9000, which is connected to the mobile operators’ existing core networks and enables them to offer Cloud Telephony Services to their end customers. These services put the end customers in total control of their mobile phone service as they allow them to configure advanced control settings for blocking, filtering or redirecting traffic; set up different voicemail greetings per contact or contact group; and access a complete history of their call records, SMS and voicemails from anywhere and in real-time.

More information: http://www.fonyou.com


The Romanian Operator RCS & RDS chooses JSC Ingenium USSD Gateway

RCS & RDS, Romanian quadruple-play services Operator, orders to JSC Ingenium an alternative solution to the SMS short messages expediting, thus reducing the price of the communication with the mobile telephony users in the countries where it operates nowadays.

JSC Ingenium successfully deploys the USSD Gateway, a Network Node acting as an Interface between the Romanian Operator mobile network and the external applications: credit searching, e-vouchers and credit transference to other subscribers, change of rate plans, etc.

It processes the USSD instead of the Operator HLR. This is translated to an important cost saving for the Operator, and then for the final customer, as well as a significant reduction in Time to market and a high saving of the HLR capacity. However, the two main characteristics from the JSC Ingenium solution deployed are: it can run both SS7 and SIGTRAN standards and a very high level flexibility to create new functionalities and interfaces with external nodes that have useful information for clients.

RCS & RDS S.A. (Romania Cable Systems & Romania Data Systems)
Broadband cable operator, founded in 2005 in Bucharest (Rumania), operates in the Telecommunication Market in East Europe. Digital and cable television, Internet, fixed and mobile telephony services (prepaid and postpaid models) are offered to Rumania, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

More information: www.rcs-rds.ro