vistream chooses JSC Ingenium´s Intelligent Network for MVNE in Italy

vistream GmbH announced that they have signed an agreement that allows vistream to launch operations as Italy’s first independent Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) on 3´s Italy UMTS network. vistream intends to offer its services to brands that like to enter the Italian market to become MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), ESPs (Enhanced Service Providers) or Air Time Resellers.

vistream already started to establish operations in Italy and plans the commercial launch on 3’s network in Autumn 2011. The company already signed MVNO agreements with companies in Italy and also plans to launch with several existing customers of vistream and its parent company Telogic that look forward to expand their existing brands and proven concepts to the Italian market.

JSC Ingenium´s IN and Real Time Rating system has been chosen to support vistream´s operations in the highly competitive Italian market. Earlier this year an agreement was reached to deploy a similar system into vistream´s German operations. “JSC Ingenium´s Real Time Rating system is a key component of our differentiating offer, giving us market-leadership in the definition and real time control of rating plans”, states Per Angman, CEO vistream.

About vistream and Telogic:

vistream launched its commercial operations in 2006 as Germanys first Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE). The company operates mobile services for brand partners from various industries. vistream’s unique enabling portfolio covers the entire mobile value chain from core network operations to end user customer care. In addition, vistream has signed an agreement to use base stations and mobile license of German network operator E-Plus. vistream operates its own core network and has an exclusive number range (01570).

Since 2009, vistream is part of the Telogic Group. Telogic is headquartered in Copenhagen and is the largest MVNE in Europe with more than 25 active MVNOs in four countries (Poland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark).