Orange Spain chooses JSC Ingenium technology for its new MVNA

Orange Spain and JSC Ingenium announce the launch of a new MVNA platform through IOS-Ingenium Outsourcing Services, part of Grupo Ingenium, with which will be able to serve new MVNOs projects who wish to operate on Orange’s Network in Spain.

JSC Ingenium is currently the first MVNO technology provider in Spain, and has sales offices in Mexico, Malaysia and UK. Its Core Network solutions have been deployed globally in countries such as Germany, Italy, UK, South Africa, Costa Rica, Chile and Romania.

IOS -Ingenium Outsourcing Services- will be in charge of running the JSC Ingenium MVNA technology, handling the commercial activities, seeking new potential candidates, analyzing and evaluating their strategies, as well as the O & M activities from the MVNA Platform, ensuring the service level of each Virtual in a completely independent way from others operators which share the same technology.

In words of the responsible of MVNO business at Orange Spain: "The choice of JSC Ingenium is mainly due to the interest of our company in Spain to have a technological partner which offered us trust handed down by their proven expertise in Telco sector, specially in the area of virtual -both national and internationally-, as well as providing us with the flexibility and the capacity to face new challenges: technological, innovational, financial, etc.. to be resolved in a near future in the mobile telephony market".

According to Sergio Cano, CEO of JSC Ingenium: "It's a very attractive challenge. For the first time, the industry figures of Mobile Virtual Network Operators in Spain are talking about significant growth in new clients against the traditional Network Operators. In my opinion the timing is right, contrary to some conservative voices who predicted that the sector had peaked, I believe it still has a long way to go before it reaches the levels of presence in countries like Germany and UK".