JSC Ingenium deploys its LTE technology in Spain

In accordance to JSC Ingenium strategy to consolidate as a worldwide reference provider in the Core Network Infrastructure, JSC Ingenium deploys, for the very first time in Spain for commercial purposes, its complete 4G network core.

LTE technology enables Operators to offer all the advantages of new generation technologies to their end customers, dramatically improving user experience with bandwidths up to ten times faster and new services with higher quality –high definition streaming, data transfer…-. Users can also enjoy multiple concurrent connections, with different qualities of service.

In this LTE network deployment, JSC Ingenium set up the following elements: HSS, MME, PDN-GW and  S-GW, providing a full set of interfaces –CRM, DPI and PCRF- for access and expense control. Some of the deployed elements exhibit synergies with the 3G network technology. It is the case for HLR/HSS and GGSN/PDN-GW. These nodes can be deployed and used, at the same time, in 3G and 4G, not needing any additional equipment.

JSC Ingenium LTE architecture is specially oriented to be extremely flexible in the deployment. It can be used in private environments as well as in Cloud modalities.

It is also capable of providing service to multiple companies in a single deployment, ensuring total isolation of both information and functionalities at any time. These companies can even use their own radio or Internet resources, or use shared resources.

Another remarkable feature is the scalability to carry out deployments fitting companies’ needs and their subscribers’; JSC Ingenium LTE network can be deployed from a very low entry of 50k subscribers to millions.

JSC Ingenium LTE technology has been designed to operate not only in mobile LTE, but also in other environments such as picocells, femtocells, Internet broadband access in rural areas (TD-LTE)…

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