• JSC Ingenium deploys its  billing and business support elements for MÁSMÓVIL
  • Supporting the MÁSMÓVIL strategy for increasing its infrastructure to offer more innovative services to its clients

JSC Ingenium deploys its OCS module–part of PCC solution, FIREWATCH- in MÁSMÓVIL, and acts as prime contractor to Glintt BSS integration. 

The main advantages the JSC Ingenium OCS module brings, compared to the previous prepaid system, the increased flexibility for quick price plans creation and promotional campaigns definition and, on the other hand, improvement in communication service quality management. This is a priority for MÁSMÓVIL and states its commitment to offer an excellent service to its subscribers.

The MÁSMóvil’s prepaid and business system update responds to its strategy of having the most up-to-date infrastructure in Spain and complementing it with new infrastructure that allows more innovative services implementation to its clients.

JSC technology makes it possible for MÁSMÓVIL to offer its final clients the ability to configure online their own price plans at their will and easily, adapting them to their consumption patterns in order to get the most suitable price at any time. 

In addition, MÁSMÓVIL and JSC Ingenium have signed an Operation and Maintenance contract: JSC’s NOC –Network Operations Center- will monitor, support and operate the JSC systems deployed in MÁSMÓVIL.

MÁSMÓVIL is the company for those users interested in invoice optimization without giving up the best service for talking and surfing and adding common sense to the mobile telephony.
Customer commitment is based on facts, with no tricks or ties, fighting always for transparency. MÁSMÓVIL offers the best prices so clients only pay for what they need. MÁSMÓVIL encourages its clients to use free 2.0 web applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Apptones or Viber and the use of unlocked mobile devices.
Independent surveys regarding MÁSMÓVIL customer satisfaction show that more than 90% would recommend the company. 

                                       More information:     www.masmovil.es