JSC Ingenium deploys a CAMEL-SIP interconnection gateway for fonYou.

fonYou Telecom operates in Spain as Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (Full MVNO) and, furthermore, is the Mobile Online Telephony creator, an innovative solution of Mobile Telephony over SIP technology, through which the users can enjoy and customize a set of new mobile services through a web page.

JSC Ingenium has collaborated with fonYou with the deployment of its signaling gateway, which allows the integration of these services in Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as well as MVNOs. This is Cell C case, the third Mobile Network Operator in South Africa.

The solution deployed by JSC translates call & message signaling from SS7 protocols to SIP, between the Operator network and fonYou service platform, allowing the Operator to offer innovative services, with minimum cost, using the conventional Network. It is a completely original solution and opens the possibility of seamless interworking between conventional SS7 world and SIP based applications. Particularly, the following features are deployed:

- Call and routing control via SIP over traditional network
- Number translation via SIP over traditional network
- Real time traffic information for the subscriber (via web page)
- Customized call forwarding
- Customized SMS forwarding

In addition, its simple nonintrusive integration is outstading as a major benefit for the Operator, and the use of CAMEL, for interworking makes deployment easier.

About FonYou
fonYou, a global technology company based in Barcelona, provides carrier-grade Cloud Telephony Services for mobile operators. fonYou has developed a proprietary technology platform, the OMT-9000, which is connected to the mobile operators’ existing core networks and enables them to offer Cloud Telephony Services to their end customers. These services put the end customers in total control of their mobile phone service as they allow them to configure advanced control settings for blocking, filtering or redirecting traffic; set up different voicemail greetings per contact or contact group; and access a complete history of their call records, SMS and voicemails from anywhere and in real-time.

More information: http://www.fonyou.com