First Full-MVNO in Latin America chooses JSC Ingenium to provide its core network

Madrid, Costa Rica Monday February 7th 2011 – JSC Ingenium announces that it has been selected to deploy its core network for Costa Rica and the region’s first Full MVNO.

Sergio Cano, CEO of Grupo Ingenium, stated that “We are proud to have been chosen by Virtualis to deploy the first full MVNO solution in Latin America. Their decision to choose our ‘CORE R3’ platform materializes the investment that we have made in our business development activities in the emerging MVNO markets of Latin America and South East Asia.”

Virtualis, a start-up company based in Costa Rica has entered into an agreement with JSC and GrupoICE to provide mobile services using the ICE Network.

Under the terms of the agreement JSC Ingenium will be responsible for the core network deployment, utilizing the Ingenium CORE R3 platform, integration with the ICE network as well as the implementation of the business support system (BSS) which will be used to manage customer service activities.

Costa Rica’s telecoms regulator recently decided to issue two new of Mobile Network Operator licenses to increase competition. With a mobile phone penetration under 65%,Costa Rica provides significant growth potential and we wanted to be first to market.

Ingenium CORE R3, is built based on the Ingenium Application Server. It offers a complete suite of software to handle voice, SMS and data services over a mobile network including Home Location Register (HLR), Intelligent Network (IN), SMSC, STP, USSD Gateway, SMS Router, Voice Mail, GMSC, SDP, Application server, Billing & rating management, Convergent Billing and value added services such as call back, voicemail to MMS and other services.