JSC Ingenium performs technology deployment in South Korea through an agreement with the company Tricomtek

JSC Ingenium is deploying technology in South Korea to allow Tricomtek, a leading platform and mobile system provider of this country, to offer their customers messaging services between different generation networks.

This technology display will allow users to enjoy messaging services 3G and 4G technologies, regardless of the Network Operator and/or the subscribers.

This is the first deployment of JSC Ingenium in the Southeast Asian region, a place with a very competitive market, where the first 4G LTE/IMS commercial networks are already beginning to operate. In addition, South Korea is a country where coexistence solutions between 3G and 4G networks are gaining more and more prominence. These ones enable operators to monetize their investment in 3G technology, offering new 4G services to subscribers and ensuring a consistent user experience in the movement from one network to another (different generation networks). This network migration is the key to make the switch from TDM and All-IP technologies step by step, trying to guarantee the success of 4G services.