JSC Ingenium launches its Mobile Operator M2M platform

As a clear bet towards the Machine to Machine sector, JSC Ingenium launches its Mobile Operator M2M Platform. This complete and flexible solution will enable Mobile Operators to satisfy the worldwide growing demand of new telecommunication and business services. This demand, which comes from integrators, device manufacturers and application providers, has become increasingly complex and specialized.

JSC Ingenium M2M technology has been designed and developed fully in-house, leveraging the in-depth knowledge that JSC Ingenium has on the Mobile Operator networks and the proven experience in deploying and operating M2M services in verticals such as security, e-health, vending or elevators. This combination allows Operators to offer a cost-competitive solution and therefore fulfill both their local customer needs as well as their international Multi-Country strategies.

The most relevant property of this technology is the security, in the Operator network –integration and new service deployment-, and in integrators and manufacturers. This ensures voice, data and SMS communication at any time by the use of secure VPN between them and the field devices. Communications are 100% safe against technical incidents, fraud and indiscriminate attacks.

The use of “Vertical connectors” makes it possible for the platform to provide services to different verticals. And within each one of them, it is possible to integrate in a quick and agile way, Integrators and Manufacturers, with their own particular needs. Each one receives totally independent attention. On top of this, the service can be operated autonomously by each customer, and at the same time the operator retains visibility and control over all the network events.

From the Operator perspective, JSC Ingenium M2M Platform is a solution open to any access technology, be 2G/3G/4G or Wi-Fi, and to any IT system provider that may be an usual provider. This makes the Mobile Operator integration terribly easy.

M2M Experience: In January 2013, ALAI Telecom, a subsidiary in the Grupo Ingenium, launches ALAI Secure, a solution for Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC). ALAI Secure is fully developed using JSC Ingenium technology, combining Voice and SMS Intelligent Network with GSM M2M.

                                                More information:             www.alaisecure.com