JSC Ingenium deploys its Multi-country SMSC for RCS and RDS

RCS & RDS, Romanian network operator, awards its multi-country SMSC network node deployment to JSC Ingenium.

RCS & RDS target is to renew its current messaging technology with a new solution that makes it possible for them to deploy new equipment in a centralized manner, in Romania, and to deliver services, with no additional distributed deployments, to its subsidiaries in Spain and Italy -where there is currently a Full MVNO structure-. 
JSC Ingenium multi-country SMSC technology will allow RCS & RDS to offer the messaging service in a centralized manner to all of its subscribers, regardless of the brand and network they are using -Spain and Italy-, taking advantage of an improved short message traffic management and control system, as well as important cost savings (devices to deploy, O&M…)

It also has additional unique functionalities, designed to provide an unprecedented user experience, including the Multi-country MSISDN / IMSI translation, bringing advantages for the operator and the customer. For the operator, because it allows the optimization of the SMS management delivering the message to the IMSI corresponding to the country where the subscriber is registered. For the end customer, because it brings a significant cost saving, as an international messaging service can be used at the cost of a local service.

Other meaningful functionality is Home Routing. The Operator can control centrally the delivery of all the messages. Optimal routing can be computed at any time using a fully customizable retries system.

Both companies have been working together since 2009, when JSC Ingenium, consulted DIGI mobil in the implementation of the DUAL IMSI - DUAL MSISDN service in Spain, whereby the subscribers have a Romanian and a Spanish number in a single SIM and can call other subscribers at the cost of a local call, no matter where they are.

 -Romania Cable Systems & Romania Data Systems-

RCS & RDS is one of the main telecommunication groups in Europe. It has over 20 years’ experience, over 10,000,000 RGU´s, and is present in five countries (Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic). It offers digital and cable TV, Internet and mobile and wire line telephony (prepaid and postpaid).
RCS & RDS operates in Spain under the DIGI Mobil brand, offering mobile telephony services (Full MVNO) using Movistar network.

                More information:     www.rcs-rds.ro                      www.digimobil.es