Fullmóvil, the most regarded Mobile Operator by the users in Costa Rica.

The survey carried out by SUTEL, Costa Rica’s Telecommunications Regulator, recognizes Fullmóvil as the most valuable Mobile Operator for the users.

Every year, SUTEL carries out a survey to review the Mobile Operators users’ experience. In the 5000 telephone surveys, 1000 users of each Operator, the respondents were asked about:

·         Personal attention
·         Customer Care by phone
·         Service delivery
·         Failure repair
·         Service Operation

Fullmóvil has been the winner in the 2014 final survey results, ahead of all the mobile operators in Costa Rica: Telefónica-Movistar, ICE-Kobi, Claro and Tuyo Móvil (MVNO).


Fullmóvil is an MVNO in Costa Rica using ICE’s -Costa Rican Electricity Institute- network and offering prepaid Mobile Telephony and Internet services. Its network has more than 50.000 top up points of sales. In February 2014, Fullmóvil was acquired by RACSA -Radiográfica Costarricense-, ICE’s subsidiary.

started to offer services as MVNO in 2011 (first FULL MVNO -with own HLR- in Latam area) using both JSC Ingenium’s CORE R3 technology and BSS system.

                                                                                More information: www.fullmóvil.cr