JSC Ingenium successfully launches its Ingenium Academy master's training programme

JSC is committed to employee training and launches its own internal training programme.

Ingenium Academy is a training plan designed entirely in house by and for the employees of JSC. The main goals of the programme are: to share knowledge, both technically and on a business level, about the Telco sector in general and the company's own projects in particular, which have been outstanding in terms of their complexity and level of innovation, and to lay the foundations so that the company's employees can acquire a higher level of expertise regardless of their profile and the position they hold.

During the presentation of the programme a few weeks ago, Sergio Cano, CEO of JSC Ingenium, said: "Our commitment to internal training is one of the most distinctive features of our corporate identity. We are convinced that our team is our biggest asset and that the success of our company depends to a large extent on having the best people, and being able to hold on to them, adding value and providing them with all the necessary tools to enable them to continue to grow professionally".

The ultimate goal behind the programme, according to Sergio, is to "seek professional excellence, for which we need to build a team with outstanding human and professional qualities that will enable us on the one hand to be competitive and continue to lead the way in the sector due to innovation, and on the other, to be able to offer our clients professional and meticulous care, and meet the highest standards in that respect."

The programme is expected to last a little over a year and a half. It is divided into theoretical and practical sessions lasting about one hour, which are recorded on video and posted on the JSC e-learning platform so that they can subsequently be consulted by any employee, at any time and from anywhere. The practical sessions have been designed primarily for employees who because of the nature of their work come into direct contact with clients, in order for them to acquire the assurance and skill needed to identify and resolve any incidents that may arise as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Ingenium Academy is designed to be a dynamic framework that will grow to meet emerging topics: new technologies, new tools (for operation and maintenance), new R & D projects, changes and new demands in the sector, new regulations, etc. in order to always provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date training on both the company and its various business lines, and on the industry as a whole. 

                                                                    More information: www.jscingenium.com