JSC Ingenium reaches agreement on the deployment of its CSFB Advanced technology with WIMAX Online

JSC Ingenium has reached an agreement with WIMAX Online for the deployment of its CSFB Advanced technology, for integration as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator with its own 4G access.

WIMAX Online is a telecommunications operator licensed by the Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission. It has its own 4G radio network, through which it provides broadband Internet services at a regional level in Eastern Spain using LTE technology, reaching rural areas that have very limited or no Internet coverage.

JSC Ingenium, using the MVNA infrastructure and technology of IOS - Ingenium Outsourcing Services- a subsidiary company of the Ingenium Group, which operates in Spain as a MVNA Platform, provides everything needed to operate as a full MVNO.

The aim is to integrate the two technologies so that WIMAX Online can provide mobile access to 4G through its radio infrastructure, and to use IOS Spain MVNA infrastructure to provide traditional services. To that end, JSC Ingenium has deployed an LTE laboratory based on the infrastructure that WIMAX is currently using (antennas, eNodeB, etc.) and JSC Ingenium's technology (MME, HSS and PDN GW) to create a complete LTE Core for testing its CSFB Advanced technology.

This solution also provides an additional advantage as it means that WIMAX Online does not have to integrate with the Host Operator.

As a result, and for the first time in Spain, a new type of service is being rolled out, which companies with an allocated radio spectrum can use to provide their customers with a better service, without recurring access costs, while being able to provide the full range of communications services that today's subscribers require.

JSC Ingenium's CSFB Advanced technology is the result of the "MAP IWF Advanced CSFB/SRVCC.  New procedures for managing calls and messages on 4G and 3G networks”. R+D project carried out by the company, funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Operational Programme of the Autonomous Region of Madrid 2007-2013.

                                                For further information: www.wimaxonline.es